The conference was very stimulating and I think it was a great occasion for everyone to contribute, argue and take away something.

Laurin Sepoetro - Senior Associate, EU Public Policy at Uber


We cannot understand the gig economy until we grapple with its competing narratives: Reshaping Work provided a unique opportunity to hear from and discuss with representatives of gig economy workers, academics, and platform operators. A great event!

Jeremias Prassl- Associate Professor Faculty of Law, University of Oxford


The many different perspectives - including the groundbreaking inclusion of actual gig workers themselves - gave us a much more complete picture and understanding of the gig economy than a conventional conference in this field would.

Linnea Celik - Public Health Specialist and Communicator


I experienced the ‘Reshaping Work in the Platform Economy’ conference as the first conference in this emerging topic that contributed at a constructive way to the questions we have in the transition to a platform society. Unlike other conferences where you only hear the voice of one of the stakeholders, the organization managed to bring together an interesting mix of different stakeholders. In my opinion this is the only way to move things forward. I am looking forward to attend the next edition in 2018.

Martijn Arets - international platform expert


The platform economy is forcing society to confront important policy and legal questions as the very nature of work, business, and markets change. The conference "Reshaping Work in the Platform Economy" provided an innovative environment and format in which to consider these issues by bringing together  business, government, academics, and workers in serious conversation and analysis. I think all of the participants left the conference energized about their own work and eager to continue collaborating with others -- and are looking forward to next year.

Diane Ring- Professor of Law Boston College Law School


The Reshaping Work conference provided the perfect setting for insightful discussions between all stakeholders involved in platform work. Events like this, where all points of view are represented, are fundamental for enabling a healthy debate about the platform economy.


Alberto Barrio - PhD candidate Tilburg University