The platform economy has many different stakeholder groups, each with its own dynamic set of interests, goals, perspectives, and approaches to platform-mediated work. So what does it mean, concretely, to think like these stakeholder groups?

      Attendees were invited to participate in a series of ''Think Like'' roundtables led by representatives of the diverse stakeholder groups.  READ MORE 


Questions from Gig Workers

At “future of work” conferences there is usually a lot of talk about gig workers. Opportunities to talk with gig workers are much less common. We include gig workers in a debate that is essentially about their lives and livelihoods. What are their perspectives, priorities and uncertainties? What changes would they like to see with respect to how their work is organized and valued – if any? And is there even a unified “they” to begin with?    READ MORE



Included Benjamin Sachs from Harvard Law School, Vera Demary from Cologne Institute for Economic Research, Jeremias Prassl from University of Oxford, Benedikt Franke co-founder of Helpling and Evert Verhulp from the University of Amsterdam. READ MORE



Speakers from different disciplines participated in panel discussions and where leaders of round tables. Learn more about who they are. READ MORE

Parallel Papers sessions

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We want to offer a unique dining experience. That is why we invited our attendees to have an out of the ordinary dinner. Instead of a traditional restaurant, we offered a true local experience - a meal at one of the homes of an Amsterdamer.

AirDnD, a platform offering dining experience at locals' homes, made a selection of the top rated Amsterdam hobby chefs. The meal was a surprise so attendees had to be ready to dive into unexplored waters! READ MORE 




At the end of the conference, attendees could enjoy an appetizer and grab a refreshing cocktail sponsored by Chivas Regal. A time to relax and connect with past and future collaborators. 



Amsterdam University College is located in the global city of Amsterdam.

The building won the 2013 Amsterdam Architecture Prize and the architecture of the academic building emphasises environmental sustainability.

The roof is planted with grass, increasing insulation and acting as a water storeroom. In combination with a geothermal heat pump, this serves to minimise energy loss and consumption. READ MORE