rethinking the fUTURE oF wORK

         Employment is changing dramatically. The rise of the platform economy has introduced a convenient way to match those in need of services to those who can offer them, and all with a click of a button. The number of so called 'gig workers' or 'platform workers' is rising. Therefore, we wonder, what will the future of work look like?              

          The 19th and 20th of October, academics, policymakers, business leaders and platform workers will come together to experience the future of work and find ways to shape it.

           The University of Amsterdam, in collaboration with shareNL and Leiden University, will convene this group of people during a two-day conference held in Amsterdam. This international and multidisciplinary conference offers a vibrant space to collectively rethink work in the platform economy. Participants will get the latest insights, not only from policymakers, academics and business leaders, but also from gig workers themselves.



Themes to discuss include, but are not restricted to: 


The current state of the labour market in Europe and changes brought about by the              platform economy

Online reputation and the challenges of labour markets controlled by algorithms


Policy: How can we safeguard job security and social justice in an increasingly flexible labor market?


New/emerging platform business models and organizational forms (e.g. cooperatives)



Future of Work Manifesto


In addition to an empowered and inspired audience, the outcome of the conference will include a Future of Work Manifesto encapsulating the main topics discussed and conclusions reached during debates and creative sessions.  





''Questions from gig workers'' Session

Keynote by Vera Demary from the Cologne Institute for Economic Research

Keynote by Benedikt Franke, co-founder of Helpling

Introduction 'questions to gig workers session' by Alina Lupu

Keynote by Benjamin Sachs from Harvard Law School

Introduction 'questions to gig workers session' by Laurin Sepoetro from Uber

Keynote by Jeremias Prassl of the University of Oxford  

Introduction 'questions to gig workers session' by Michelle van Os from Helpling

Introduction 'questions to gig workers session' by Josien van Breda


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